The GoodBox.

A Whole Lot of "Good" in a Box that'll feed you and your family while helping those in need!

Feeding Our Community Through Our Community!

In the metro Boston area alone, there are 1 in 10 adults, 1 in 5 children and 1 in 3 senior citizens that do not know where there next meal is coming from. The GoodBox is confronting that hard reality with a real actionable solution – harnessing our community to feed our community and at the same time support local farmers.

The GoodBox...You Buy a Box...We Give a Box! By buying a GoodBox (or more!) that's filled with Fresh Healthy Vegetables grown and sourced locally you will help families desperately in need that are experiencing food insecurity. There is no shortage of healthy food in Boston but there is a gap in between those who have and those that struggle to feed themselves and their families. 



Fresh food for my family delivered right to me with even a bigger purpose! 

C. Austin

So simple and so important. We buy vegetables every week and eat healthy and now we can buy a GoodBox and know that we're helping others in Boston to eat healthy too.

R. Williams

I donate regularly to causes I believe in. This is like supporting Oxfam but right here in my city, my community and for my neighbors that may need a little help.

D. Collins

The FoodCares Story.

Helping Families and Communities In Need.

A Whole Lot of Good in a Box.

Helping Families and Communities In Need.

A Whole Lot of Good in a Box.

Helping Families and Communities in Need.

A Whole Lot of Good in a Box.

Helping Families and Communities in Need.

A Whole Lot of Good in a Box.


Three River Alliance

Three River Farmers Alliance is a network of farms and local producers, working cooperatively to aggregate and distribute locally produced food. 

Urban Farming Institute

The Urban Farming Institute of Boston’s mission is to develop and promote urban farming as a Commercial sector that creates green collar jobs for residents; and to engage urban communities in building a healthier and more locally based food system.

Commonwealth Kitchen

CommonWealth Kitchen is a collaborative community, providing shared kitchens combined with business assistance to help aspiring entrepreneurs build great food companies, create jobs, improve healthy food access, and strengthen our regional food economy. 

Mill City Grows

Mill City Grows works towards creating a food just community where residents are engaged in creating a food secure community that promotes the ability to grow, consume, and distribute healthy, locally produced food on protected land.

FoodCares Urban Market @ The Boston Public Market

Baraka Community Wellness

Baraka Community Wellness (BCW) a Boston based nonprofit organization designs and operates comprehensive integrated wellness solutions. BCW implements wellness solutions that deliver measurable results with lasting positive health outcomes that reduce risk and enhance health.

We believe that the complex wellness needs of at-risk populations which are disproportionately affected by the negative impacts of poor health must be met with equitable, comprehensive, compassionate evidence based intervention. Our model focuses on the social determinants of health through developing and delivering programs that address lifestyle and behavior, food access and insecurities, education and safe healthy environments to improve the health outcomes of the most vulnerable.